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Here's where you should try looking:. Boots UK is a pharmacy chain throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, offering a pharmaceutical items, as well as makeup, fragrances, toiletries, toys, and baby items. They also have a range of electrical items, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, electric toothbrushes, and even items like Kindle e-readers, headphones, speakers, gaming consoles, and more. The British video games retailer company, Game.

The multinational retailer and department store, Debenhams has shops throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland with the shop dating back to Of course, Black Friday is more of a recent occurrence at Debenhams given that it only came to the UK within the past 5 years, but has steadily increased in popularity.

Debenhams will have a sale over the Black Friday period, ranging from anything to jumpers, perfume, electrics, and cookware. Debenhams has also offered half price on all toys with special discounts on electrical goods, so there is sure to be a good sale come Black Friday Asda was one of the first UK stores to participate in the November shopping craze in It is the second-largest supermarket chain by market share with the slogan Save money. Live better. They are owned by the giant American retail company, Walmart, so it was no surprise that Asda ranked top of the list for Black Friday shopping when they participated in the famous shopping day in both and In a shock move, however, Asda decided not to participate in Black Friday in and did not offer any special deals either in their stores or online.

It is uncertain whether or not they will participate in this year's sales, but it seems relatively unlikely, as their reasoning for cancelling the sales were a result of the violence and meltdown that occurred in shops across in the country in and they have not participated in Black Friday since then. Black Friday Deals UK Welcome to Black Friday Deals UK - a site dedicated to cataloging the huge discounts and online sales that are offered throughout the United Kingdom in honour of this momentous shopping occasion.

Countdown to Black Friday Argos is sure to reduce products like TVs, coffee machines, vacuums, toys, and gaming consoles with great deals in all categories. Amazon is your one-stop shop for all things electronics, like Kindle e-readers and iPad tablets, gaming consoles, and the latest toys. Littlewoods has excellent deals on everything from home appliances to mattresses to Apple products, toys, gaming consoles, and more. Debenhams offers deals on clothing, gifts, games, and toys.

Beauty Expert has great offers on hair dryers, ghd straighteners, curlers, electric shavers and top of the line fragrances. For the man in your life, consider Mankind for all things man like shaving, hair, fashion, aftershave and even cameras and coffee machines. For all things baby related, Mothercare offers unbeatable deals on carseats, pushchairs, toys, nursery furniture, and baby necessities. The Hut offers unbeatable pricing, offering beauty electrics, kids toys, gifts, and an array of electronics like Macbooks and iPads.

Zavvi has an excellent range of products with great deals on gaming consoles, DVDs, tablets, iPods, computers, cameras, and gifts.

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For protein offers and deals on sports supplements, Discount Supplements offers economical pricing for products including whey protein. MaxiNutrition has a range of supplement products for all sorts of sports training with deals each month and special offers on bulk buys.

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MyProtein offers weekly deals on various types of whey protein, creatine, amino acids, recovery drinks, and other types of sports supplements. Lookfantasic have great offers on things to help you 'look fantastic'. Filter by shop Argos Bodybuilding. See details.

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What is Black Friday? It has been around for much longer than people think; it began in the 19th century, the day after Thanksgiving as an unofficial beginning of the Christmas season — the last Thursday in November, delegated by President Lincoln. What is the history of Black Friday?

Black Friday was invented to solve the issue that retailers would often become bankrupt because the holiday shopping season was too short. After petitioning to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to move the Thanksgiving holiday to the fourth Thursday of November. Why is it called Black Friday? Black Friday was originally named because so many people went shopping in the dark hours of the morning and night which caused a lot of traffic accidents, crowding in stores and violence. When is Black Friday ?

What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday boasts the most online sales of the year; coined in by a marketing team at Shop. Whilst Black Friday boasts a lot of electrical goods offers, Cyber Monday is the time for fashionistas and people who are quick at staying updated to online offers to shine! When is Cyber Monday ?

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Black Friday Sales. Report an offer Become a partner Contact. L ove it or hate it , there's no denying the unstoppable force of Black Friday. Black Friday is a tradition that originates from America, where retailers cut prices on a huge range of items the day after Thanksgiving.

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However, in recent years Britain has also jumped on the bandwagon. As such, you can expect major UK retailers to cut prices on a huge range of items - including big-budget electrical items, beauty gift sets, kitchen equipment and clothes. T he official day for Black Friday is November However, many retailers actually slash their prices from the middle of November in an attempt to keep ahead of competitors - so keep an eye out for bargains throughout the month.

This also applies to online shopping, where sales typically run for an extended period in order to help improve the process of sales and online deliveries. Police officers in Philadelphia were actually the first to coin the term 'Black Friday' in the s. Large crowds of tourists and shoppers came to the city on the day after Thanksgiving, causing chaos and traffic jams, so police officers had to work long shifts to control the carnage.

As such, they labelled the day Black Friday. The name spread throughout Philadelphia and was later printed in The American Philatelist magazine in By the late s, the name was commonly known across America and linked to post-Thanksgiving sales. Black Friday only spread to the UK in , when online retail giant Amazon introduced the concept, promoting a range of discounts and deals. In , supermarket Asda owned by American retailer Walmart held its own Black Friday sale - which resulted in chaos, as shoppers physically fought over flat-screen televisions.

Following this, the sales bonanza spread across the UK, with many retailers now offering online deals, too. A lthough it is still too early to know the specific deals for Black Friday , there are ways you can make sure you're the first to know when shops announce their discounts. T he Telegraph will be updating our Black Friday channel with offers as soon as they're made available, so it's worth bookmarking it ahead of the big day. That way, you'll get notifications that keep you in the loop.

It's also a good idea to do your research in advance and bookmark the products you want to buy - as such, you create a shortcut to seeing the discounts as soon as the deals are released. Sign up for Amazon Prime, because the online retailing giant gives Prime members exclusive discounts as well as early access to " lightening deals " the ones that usually sell out within minutes 30 minutes before the rest of the internet.

Online shopping is usually a leisurely activity - something you can do while watching a series on Netflix. Not on Black Friday. On this day, you're in a race to get the items into your basket and checked out before the deal is no longer available. Sound stressful?